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30 August 2005 - 22:55

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It's time for bed. Today was a very long day: I was up at 6, and Edie and I went to the airport to collect our friend Karen, who arrived from Boston at 6.55. On the way back, Edie got upset in the hot car with the sun shining in her eyes, and we had a horrible slow rush-hour trip back into London with a screaming baby in the back. It hardly ever happens that we let her scream for very long -- we try to avoid it. But when you're in a car, there's not a lot you can do. I find it very painful to listen to her and not to be able to do anything. Still, there's every indication that she'll live. After that, I did an hour of lute-playing, followed by an afternoon of looking after Edie while Zan rehearsed with the Dufay Collective. Edie and I listened to a little bit of the rehearsal. Edie loves it -- she soaks everything up. It's a wonderful thing. Then Edie and I went to Liz's house (just ten minutes' walk from here lives another of the leading lute players in London), and hung out in her garden with her and her two sons, Adam and Eddie. Eddie and Edie are only two weeks apart in age, and they get on famously. Here they are:
So I'm a bit short on sleep. Especially because on Sunday night I drove three hours each way to do a gig in Suffolk and ended up not getting to bed until 2, and then sleeping only very lightly until Edie got us up at 7. The traffic is pretty terrible in this country. There really are far too many of us driving cars....

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